About me?

What am I about???  Geesh…I have one 21 yr old and 2 teenage girls (both high maintenance),  2 dogs, a computer, an unemployed…er retired (his word) husband, a parttime job, ADD, an addiction to Spider Solitaire (can play for hours, not kidding), knitter and beginning jewelry maker, droid user…and that may sum me up.  How boring…  Now if I can get all the shit out of my head and into this blog, maybe life will somehow ease up???


2 Responses to About me?

  1. missomg says:

    Lol, this blog sounds fun. I’ll add you to blog roll.

    I used to knit last year lol, even thought I’d set up some sort of business.. But it all fell apart..long story lol.


  2. Jess says:

    ok so when did you make this website!?!!? i did not know you started a blog!!!!
    something you might wanted to have mentioned!!!!
    your eldest daughter

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