Happy Mother’s Day

This day is so special for all of us hard working moms!  It is especially bittersweet for me.  I lost my mom 15 years ago and I miss her just as much as I always have.  After too many years of not “loving” her (my teens, even my 20’s), I made up for it in my 30’s.  We were as close as ever when she died and I feel gratified that I had the time I did with her.

I’ve tried to be a better mother to my kids and I am very happy with my relationship with them (at least most of them…L <sigh>).  They are everything I never was and they will go on to be the most amazing adults…they already are!!!

This day is difficult for me because what I want is not usually what I get.  Of course, the best would be if all the kids were home, if the one that is home would acknowledge me, if her father would acknowledge me (actually, he did say happy mother’s day to me, a first.  His excuse is that I’m not his mother, tho not sure he ever wished her a happy mother’s day.).  OK, enough complaining…

I am happy, I love being a mother and I love that I have a really wonderful reason to celebrate this day.  I send a special Happy Mother’s Day message to other mom’s who struggle to raise kids, through the shit and the heartache and the greatness and the love.  We deserve it!


About jamsmom

mom to 3 girls and 2 dogs, voracious knitter, vegan and just generally trying to figure out life. i create photo montages for anyone that will pay me...and sometimes for those that don't...
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