Knitting vs Angry Birds

The Scenario:

I’m watching tv.  I don’t watch much but, you know, I have my programs.  I knit.  I always knit when I watch tv.  I knit other times too, listening to my audio books, in the car (not usually when I’m driving), at meetings and random other times, but I always knit when I watch tv.  Then I got my droid.

Now, I bring my phone and my knitting with me to watch tv.  Suddenly, I hear the rrrrrr-vibrations of the phone telling me it’s my turn to play Wordfeud.  Ok, so I play, then I decide to just do a quick crossword puzzle.  Oh, how about a few tries at Angry Birds…that can take a while.  Then it’s the rrrrrr and my turn again at Wordfeud.  After that I play Mah Jongg solitaire and now the shows are over and I haven’t picked up my knitting.  Shit!  And night after night this happens.

It’s not as if I’ve done no knitting.  I am working on a Berroco pattern, kirra knitkirra knit sleeves and yoke, a cute jacket like cardigan, but it is a boring pattern of knitting, k1 p1 across row, then p next row.  I’m just doing the sleeve and yoke part now but when I get ready to do the body, it will be a bit of torture.  Why would I torture myself with knitting?  Well, it’s not REALLY torture, I do love the process of knitting and I love watching the pieces grow.  I think I’m using that as an excuse so that when I realize I’ve spent that past 2+ hours playing games and not knitting, I just chalk it up to the fact that I am not inspired.  Such bullshit!!  I really have to STOP PLAYING GAMES!!!!

Today, or at least for the next couple of hours, I am going to plug in my audio book (Sons and Lovers, DH Lawrence, oy…book club book – gotta talk to them about these classics they keep wanting to read) and knit.  If I at least finish the sleeves and yoke, well then maybe I’ll celebrate with a few hours of spider solitaire…


About jamsmom

mom to 3 girls and 2 dogs, voracious knitter, vegan and just generally trying to figure out life. i create photo montages for anyone that will pay me...and sometimes for those that don't...
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