Breast Care 301

Self exam 101

Mammography (with occasional ultrasound) 201

Breast Thermography 301, the best and last option I will ever need.

breast thermography with Laura

Here is a picture of Laura and her camera and computer!  What a pleasant way to get your boobs checked out…no squishing, no manipulating, no ultrasound gunk!  Laura comes from Sophia Natural Health Center to Full Circle Family Care and that’s where I’ve been going for my thermograms for a couple of years now.  I used to get mammograms but I AM DONE!!!  Considering my family history (mother and grandmother) of breast cancer, a “traditional” doctor may not agree with my decision.  Lucky for me, my doctors have an educated mind and know that thermography is a viable option.

It works by using Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI).  “Commonly known as thermography, DITI has been found to be more effective than mammography in early cancer detection because of its unique ability to image thermovascular aspects of the breast. Studies have shown that it observes extremely early warning signs of cancer, in some cases a decade before any other detection method. The procedure is most often recommended for women under 40 who have a family history of breast cancer, women who cannot have mammograms due to prior surgical procedures or other issues such as extreme sensitivity, and women who have pacemakers or defibrillators.”

My mother’s cancer was never detected by mammogram.  She felt a lump and mammo didn’t show anything.  One biopsy later and the diagnosis.  Would she have seen this coming if breast thermography was around?  Who knows…but I like the statistics I’ve heard and read.  Just today, Laura told me about a woman (who she just imaged last week) who has a sister with BC and was ever vigilant herself.  She had just gotten a mammo and ultrasound with negative results.  She insisted on an MRI and thermography, the MRI saw a blip but the thermography was “lit up”.  She is getting the help she needs and while it may not be cancer, it points to an imbalance in her body that she can take care of.  What was the impulse for her to insist on the extra tests?  She knows her body.

As women, we have to be self advocating and we have to know how we can get the best care for our bodies and our selves.  I am so glad that I found this…my poor little boobs just couldn’t take the unbelievably painful, horribly uncomfortable smashing of the mammography.


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