update on pranked

Well, M’s boyfriend finally talked to the detective in charge of my vandalous case.  Now I wait…some history…

This started about 3 months ago when we woke up in the morning to see very deep tire track on my lawn and, since it was after it rained, my house was spotted with mud.  Really spotted all the way to the 2nd floor and across to the garage.  It looked like the scene of London in 102 Dalamations when Cruella reverted back.  It was truly unbelievable.  You could tell it was from a big suv.  If I find pix, I’ll post.  MH power washed the house and got off most, we called the cops and that, it seemed, was that.

A couple of weeks later it happened again, after rain, no mud on the house but deep ruts in the lawn.  This time, though, I was away with M looking at her college and MH didn’t call the cops.

Then M went to her prom and to after prom weekend where she met a guy that was soon to become her new boyfriend.  Also at the house that weekend was this “other” kid.  Two years younger than M, she knew him, didn’t particularly like him but whatever.  Well, he “confessed” to MB (M’s new boyfriend) that he did the damage to the lawn.  And, when the weekend was over, he took MB by our house and said that is what he did.  (What an asshole)  Well, MB told M who promptly called the kid and screamed at him saying that now we know and the cops will know and shit like that.  As she said, he sounded scared.  Well not that scared cuz he DID IT AGAIN!!  (and bragged about it to MB, again).  I called the cops again, they came and even though I told them I knew who it was (and told them who it was) there was nothing we could do cuz no one saw anything and unless MB went to cops, that was that.

So M started in on MB to talk to cops.  Now he is an 18 yr old, not totally a “perfect” guy himself and he said no way.  It sorta died down but we did get a detective on the case.  (I live in a relatively smallish town that, while there is plenty to keep the police blotter interesting in the paper, not what you would say a high crime area.)  Again, he said he couldn’t do anything cuz no one saw anything and MB wasn’t talking.

So another couple of weeks go by and guess what?!  HE DID IT AGAIN!  Now all these “events” happen between 3:30 and 4:30 am and I usually wake up to screeching tires and messed up lawn.  I never see him.  So we called the cops again and they came again and nothing was going to happen again.

MH is getting pissed at M cuz of MB and M is getting pissed at MB cuz he won’t talk.  But finally, he agrees to talk to detective.  Well, that’s just the first step in what ends up taking weeks.  But ok, that is an important first step.  M finally gets MB to ok giving his cell # to det (that took forever too).  They play phone tag for a few weeks.

In the meantime, our little vandal changes tactics.  Instead of driving over my lawn, he throws a bag full of empty beer bottles at my door.  I heard that too but thought it wasn’t my house and possibly a fender bender with the glass breaking so I didn’t call 911 right away.  When I saw what happened I called and actually a sargent comes who has followed this whole thing and is dutifully horrified that it keeps happening.

M, you have to understand, hasn’t even seen this kid since school ended and she graduated.

Progress is slowly being made in getting MB to the cops.  Still phone tag but seems more progressive.  I’ve been asking for more drive bys at my house at night and generally, I’ve been losing sleep over this.

About 2 nights later, yup…except this time only 1 bottle of beer.  I heard it and I was ready to call 911 but, since it was only 1 bottle, I couldn’t be sure, I didn’t see anything out my door and then I heard my neighbor’s lawn sprinklers going off.  I figured that’s what I heard and I could just imagine the paragraph in the police blotter about how this hysterical woman calls 911 cuz she heard the sprinklers go on.  When I woke up I saw the bottle on the steps.  Shit…this kid won’t quit.

FINALLY, MB talks to cop (he had to get over the fact that M wasnt’ going to go with him cuz the det went off duty while she was working, MB had so many conditions but in the end the detective went to him).

So now I wait.  The cops have my house under surveillance at night and the detective has, so far, not been able to reach the kid.  I am sleeping better now…but I want this completely over.


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mom to 3 girls and 2 dogs, voracious knitter, vegan and just generally trying to figure out life. i create photo montages for anyone that will pay me...and sometimes for those that don't...
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