pranked…but not in a good way

When does a prank turn into a costly endeavor that causes lost sleep (something I can ill afford given my insomniatic proclivities) and the feeling of being terrorized?  Maybe when it’s repeated 4 times and then escalates to an assault on our home.  That is what has been going on for the past 3 months.  And what can be done about it?  When it happens around 4:30 am, nobody sees it, although the screeching of the tires is loud enough to wake me up and keep me up.  We know who it is and we even know why he’s doing it but we can’t seem to stop it.  The police sympathize but without direct evidence, they can’t do anything.

Alas, the one kid that had been “confessed” to is, hopefully, going to the cops tomorrow to give a statement.  He’s been screwing around about going but it seems that he will tomorrow.  I hope.  Then the kid will get arrested and while, as a mother, that really hurts, as a victim, I don’t care.


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mom to 3 girls and 2 dogs, voracious knitter, vegan and just generally trying to figure out life. i create photo montages for anyone that will pay me...and sometimes for those that don't...
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