technology overload

First there was the computer…very primitive DOS system, very boring.

Then came Windows and the internet (order of events notwithstanding) and the world as we knew it ceased to exist.

I was happily tootling along with my many emails from my many groups and surfing the web when I decided to join my kids on facebook…(I am only friends with J, M blocked me and L said “ewww, you’re my mom, I’m not gonna friend you”).  Facebook was ok, didn’t require too much of my attention till my high school reunion.  I got a lot of my classmates to join fb and all of a sudden my life revolved around fb statuses!  Now, so many of my adult friends use fb that it’s really become a place to be seen.

Then I discovered Twitter!   A bit overblown but still kinda interesting to be following Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.  And along with all the politicos and odd assortment of people, I am finding it to be a bit…much.  When will the hype calm down?  I do like getting the Times and my msnbc folks info…just more to read…or ignore, some stuff is so random!

Then I stumbled upon Stumbleupon…then blippr…then Remember the Milk (so I can remember what to do when I’m not on the computer but if it doesn’t remind me on the computer, it doesn’t exist) then starting this blog and then reading other blogs with google reader and I CAN’T GET OFF THE COMPUTER! And don’t get me started playing spider solitaire!  My world on a 19″ computer screen.

I need to go knit…


About jamsmom

mom to 3 girls and 2 dogs, voracious knitter, vegan and just generally trying to figure out life. i create photo montages for anyone that will pay me...and sometimes for those that don't...
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