I really believe that buttons can really provide the perfect finishing touch for a sweater…providing it’s the right button.  When I used to sew for the kids, I had the most fun with their buttons.  Now that I am knitting (mostly for me and just one daughter), my button choices range from fun to sophisticated.  A button can change a plain sweater into something much more interesting while the opposite can happy too!

I love the sweater I am knitting now and it requires 7 buttons.  I never buy the buttons when I get the yarn…I don’t know why, I think I need the sweater in hand before I can “see” the buttons.  Well, I LOVE the buttons I found for this sweater.  It only took 1/2 hour of looking in this one little corner of my lys to find them but I think they are perfect…


Of course I had to pick one of the most expensive buttons and since I needed 7 and they came 3 to a card…well, they are so pretty that I will create something just for the 2 left over!


About jamsmom

mom to 3 girls and 2 dogs, voracious knitter, vegan and just generally trying to figure out life. i create photo montages for anyone that will pay me...and sometimes for those that don't...
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