i HATE insomnia

Did I make myself clear???  I HATE INSOMNIA

Now there were a few reasons why I possibly didn’t sleep ALL NIGHT last night.  One could be…”hormones”…”that time of the month”…  Really, at my age, it should be “that time of the third month” or “that time of the sixth month” or, hell, it really should be “no time at any month”, I mean, enough is enough already!

Or it could be my head…or this new blog.  This is new, it’s exciting, I haven’t had a diary since I was 8.  But does that mean I have to stay up all night thinking of things to write about…including all that I am writing about NOW???  Of course, if I had a laptop I could keep it by the bed and then as the words start coming I could just type it right in.  I could wake up MH or the dogs but then maybe I could sleep.  What about an iTouch?  I’d really like one of those.  Can you blog with an iTouch?  I can’t get an iPhone cuz I have the world’s most realiable network behind me but they don’t like the iPhone.  J has an iTouch and it’s really cool and now that you can sync Google calendar to it I wouldn’t have to use my Palm.  I do love the palm calendar, I use datebk for the palm and agendus for the desktop and I like the pretty colors for categories and the icons but I could definitely get used to google calendar if I could only have the iTouch.  Of course I would miss the stylus and inputting on the iTouch would be like txting but I would get used to it.  I also could just get a pencil and paper and I have done that but I can never read what I’ve written cuz my eyes are usually closed and sometimes there is just so much in my head.

But I digress…

The other place on my body that kept me away were (was?) my feet…I’ve been getting charlie horses in my feet at night.  It hurts.  Every time I change position, which is frequently enough, I go side to side depending on my nose (that’s another story) and every time I try to relax my feet they cramp, sometimes 1 or sometimes both.  Google says lack of potassium, I also read that if you don’t drink enough water…omg this has got to be taken care of.

Finally went downstairs about 4:10, put on the tv and dozed off a bit.  Work will be fun today…


About jamsmom

mom to 3 girls and 2 dogs, voracious knitter, vegan and just generally trying to figure out life. i create photo montages for anyone that will pay me...and sometimes for those that don't...
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